Oracle, please keep the Sun brand alive

OK I have said this before, but I need to say it again before they get eaten by Ellison.

I really really really love the Sun mark. But just that, those three letters: S.U.N. Not their logo and much less their image. I think their marketing dpt missed the chance to build the greatest brand in history.
It's amazing how much raw potential those three letters had.

The competitive angle
"Sunday. Not even Google owns a day of the Week."

The reliability angle
"Robust. Reliable. Predictable... see you tomorrow."

The lazy angle
"We run your business so you can grab some."

The tech angle
"Our last cold boot was 4.57 billion years ago"
The sexy angle
"Total Customer Satisfaction. Robust Servers. Open Platforms. Amazing Tans. "
The scandal angle
"Oops. Sorry for global warming"

LOL ;)

Jose Miguel Selman said...

12:06 PM  

Do you know what SUN stands for? The only tip I'm giving you is that it's an acronym.

Aldo Bucchi said...

11:52 AM  

See U sooN?