Meet the Global Mind! ( Girl or Boy? hmmm )

Ok, I wasn't supposed to talk about this till next week, but since Marshall K. is wondering about the gender of the SW. I guess it is my duty to share with you a picture we managed to take of it.
It looks pretty asexual to me, what do you think?:

This is how this thing came to be:

  1. We crawl the Semantic Web ( foaf-space, starting from TimBL ) and harvest profile images using semanticflash
  2. They are dynamically fed to an Adobe AIR based application that processes each image and creates the mosaic on the fly
The image you are looking at does not have actual profile images yet ( so don't try to recognize yourself, you'll waste your time ). It is just a snapshot of an older version that I took out in a hurry.

In case it isn't clear, the idea is to visually communicate that the SW is made up of all those that are contributing to it. In this case, it is made up of the seminal group of people behind the technology. In the future, everyone will be involved.

This is part of a much larger, stealth long-term project called the Univrz, part of which consists of experimenting with different metaphors on how the new web might look like.

The actual application is really quite dynamic, with some 3D effects ( Papervision ) and all that, but we are fine tuning it so we can port it to Flex ( the idea is to make it available over the web and that it runs without crashing your computer... not easy to do without some server side help ).

And it gets even better:
I am talking to Benji, who runs the Semantic Web community shop to make some nice T-Shirts and Mousepads, so stay tuned.

( I want the mousepad myself, that's why I had the team build this ).

Please send me an email with the word "TGM" in the subject to aldo.bucchi AT and I will let you know as soon as the goods are available on the shop.

Alternatively come check this blog around friday next week.

( ...Mr Kirkpatrick, couldn't you wait just one more week? )

For those who don't know, the semantic web logo is embedded in the eye: